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Education Recruitment

Jobs in the Education sector are some of the most challenging, yet most rewarding, positions there are. If you have a position to fill at your school or institution, you need someone with experience, patience, a great personality, and a special ability to foster creativity and academic excellence.

Our Education candidates have all this and more, whether you’re looking for a teacher, principal or administrator. We will hand-pick candidates for you based on background, education, and teaching goals. We’ll also take a closer look to ensure that each candidate is not only the right choice for your students, but a welcome addition to your staff as well. The credibility of your school is built on its staff, and we will work hard to help you enhance your reputation through a top-quality hire.

If you have experience in education and are looking for a new opportunity, Crescent City Recruitment Group can help you find a place where you fit in. We will get to know you, review your qualifications, and match you to a school that needs great employees just like you.

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